Privacy Policy

Processing of your personal data

Dear Customer, PULPERÍA RIAL ANGUEIRA, S.L. would like to provide you with some information on the processing of your personal data:us datos persoais.

1. Purposes (legal basis of processing)

The personal data you provide and that are obtained from your browsing of our websites will be used for the purposes of:

a) Providing the service of registration on the website and the related services, preliminary to the stipulation of sales agreements, to process them up and to protect the resulting credit positions (implementation of the agreement between the parties);

b) Fulfilling operating, management, administrative and accounting requirements, including the possible transmission by e-mail of trade invoices (in fulfilment of legal obligations, in particular having regard to tax requirements);

c) Allowing access to and browsing on the websites, to prepare anonymous statistics on their use, to monitor their functioning and to ascertain any liability in case of unlawful acts (in the lawful interest of PULPERÍA RIAL ANGUEIRA, S.L.);

d) Conducting marketing, commercial information and promotional activities, including the sending of newsletters and advertising material, possibly through messaging applications (subject to explicit consent). e) The provision of data for the contractual purposes referred to in points a), b) and c) is compulsory (in its absence it is not possible to process the sales agreement or provide of the relevant services). f) For marketing purposes under point d) you will be asked to give your consent, without prejudice to the right of revocation at any time (without prejudice to the lawfulness of the previous processing).

2. Cookies

PULPERÍA RIAL ANGUEIRA, S.L. also wishes to inform you that by accessing the website referred to in the note, “cookies” may be sent to your computer, according to the use methods available on the relevant pages of the website.

3. Communication of data – Transfer of data to third parties

Personal data collected may be communicated, according to specific competences, to public administrations, for the fulfilment of institutional
functions, to banking institutions, to parties specialising in the management of information systems and/or of payment systems, to parties providing the goods and services offered by PULPERÍA RIAL ANGUEIRA, S.L., to parties providing transport or delivery services, to parties used by PULPERÍA RIAL ANGUEIRA, S.L. to carry out promotional, advertising, marketing and communications activities, to law firms and consultants, to parties responsible for keeping accounts or auditing the company’s financial statements or to public authorities in compliance with the law. Personal data shall not disseminated under any circumstances. Within the limits strictly necessary for implementation of the contractual relations, your personal data may be communicated to third parties, such as by way of example, providers of products and/or services who may be located in or outside the European Union. The possible transfer of data outside the EU is regulated by specific agreements that require the recipient to comply with the appropriate guarantees provided for by current legislation.

4. General matters

The processing of your personal data may consist, in addition to their collection, in their recording, storage, modification, communication, cancellation in automated or semi-automated form and data may be stored in paper and/or electronic/informatics/optical form. All personal data processed by PULPERÍA RIAL ANGUEIRA, S.L. are protected by adequate security measures, as provided for by current legislation and for the time strictly necessary to fulfil the purposes referred to in point 1.

For the purposes referred to in points a) and b) your data will be kept for the period provided by law.

For the purposes referred to in point c) the data will be kept for 2 years.

For the purposes referred to in point d) the data will be kept until the revocation of consent or the termination of the contractual relationship.

5. Rights

Pursuant to art. 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Regulation (EU) 20 6/679, we recall that you have the right to request for access to your personal data, their rectification or cancellation (where applicable) or limitation of their processing. You are also entitled to revoke the authorisation to process the data to which you consented, as well as the right to lodge a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Authorities. All the rights summarised above may be exercised by writing to the address: We will respond promptly.
The Data Controller is PULPERÍA RIAL ANGUEIRA, S.L., in the person of its pro tempore legal representative, with registered office at PRAZA TRAVESAS, 13, 15900, PADRÓN, A CORUÑA. PULPERÍA RIAL ANGUEIRA is responsible for consistent and compliant management of the given consent and for guaranteeing exercise of the foregoing rights. PULPERÍA RIAL ANGUEIRA, S.L., can be contacted at all times for clarification at the following email address: