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The octopus restaurant Pulperia Rial was founded by Jose Manuel Rial and Lidia Angueira, and opened its doors on 11 February, 1983. The traditional house that welcomed the first opening went to reformation five years later, in 1988.

From its foundation up to today, the restaurant Pulpería Rial not only aimed to be a popular place for the promotion of the Galician products and gastronomy, but also a benchmark for the Galician culture in general. Our priorities are nonetheless the historical, artistic and literary values of Padrón, an important benchmark among the Xacobean places and the entire region. The beginnings of the business, as in almost all the cases, were hard. However, while remaining a family business, and prioritising a friendly atmosphere, today, we enjoy an indisputable social projection and we are a gastronomic benchmark for the whole region.


What do we offer?

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In our octopus restaurant we consider it essential to have touch with people, because it kind of comes out of us, and because we like to talk, to laugh, and to share, as well as to make your visit as pleasant as possible.


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We will never cease to be professionals in order to deal with your requests as quickly and efficiently as possible. We look forward to offering you the best quality service so that you can just think about having fun.

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It is the most important thing, our reason for being. Every day we cook all of our dishes with much affection to offering you the best Galician cuisine.


Book a table now and enjoy the best products on the market. In our octopus restaurant you will find the best of traditional cuisine to share with your friends and family.

You can book a table by phone or by filling up the contact form and send it over to us.


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